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Dee Wallace and other icons of horror in the film “the Afterlife of a dead man”

Talk about this movie went a few years ago, but the project was slow to slide forward. Now, apparently, positive changes are obvious. At least recently, the caste have joined the “scream Queen” Dee Wallace-stone, which we remember for “cujo”, “Subaction” and many movies.

In General, the cast of “the Afterlife of a dead man” (Dead AfterLife) should please fans of horror: you and Kane Hodder (“Friday the 13th”, “Axe”) and Michael Berryman (“the hills Have eyes 2”) and bill Moseley (“Texas chainsaw massacre 2″), and bill Oberst Jr. (TV’s “scream Queen”). In General, the normal sort of crowd.

The synopsis reads:

Imagine that you look at your own funeral as a Ghost, and there are incredible things happen: your not-dead body gets out of coffin and starts killing and eating your loved ones. This is what happened with the scientist Donald Conley, specializing in pharmaceuticals. Death was for him merely the beginning of problems. The gatekeeper gave Donald a little bit of time for the return of zombie itself back into the earth, otherwise the soul will never go to Heaven. To top it off Donald found out that his killer attended the funeral and now his girlfriend is in grave danger…
How can strange gravediggers and a hearse driver to help the soul of Donald to find the right path? Or the real question is, how the spirit world to defeat the living dead?

Ghosts vs zombies? Sounds like fun. Directing all assigned is Jared Cohn, the Director of such hits as “Little dead riding hood” and “the Atlantic frontier”. To expect from him something outstanding hardly, but at least because caste is a project you can take note. And after the release to inquire what the result is.

About the approximate release dates of the film have not been reported.

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