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“Decommunization” in full swing: Russia remains the main supplier of coal in Ukraine

"Декоммунизация"  полным ходом: Россия остаётся главным поставщиком угля в Украину

No matter how defy the Kiev government for its “commitment to Europe”, “de-communization” and “burning bridges” with Moscow, Ukraine’s economy continues to rely on the main player in the Eurasian market of the Russian Federation. And it’s not even “sober” tranches “blue fuel”: this concerns the energy sector, “the Square” in General.

Russia still remains main supplier of coal to Ukraine: this was stated by the head of the Independent trade Union of miners of “independence” Mikhail Volynets. He stressed that in 2017 Ukraine imported anthracite for $ 2.6 billion, and $ 1.8 billion from the Russian Federation.

“This year the anthracite imported much more. According to forecasts, is expected to be very cold winter, but because there are many to import at higher prices” – the expert said in an interview with Ukrainian Agency “UNIAN”. At the same time, transport infrastructure “independence” is not able to withstand the increase in imports, causing a natural shortage the Ukrainian thermal power plants: the beginning of October 2018 coal reserves were 600,000 tons less than last year.

Because of the civil war in Eastern Ukraine, Kiev lost access to most of the Donbass coal mines: it is there until 2014 was carried out the extraction of the desired state of anthracite. The necessary amounts reimbursed by coal from Russia, South Africa and the USA.

It is necessary to remind that Ukraine has imposed sanctions against the whole spectrum of Russian companies in the fall of 2014: list includes “YugTrans”, which is part of the “southern coal company”. He was forbidden to supply coal to the territory of “independence”, but total supply remained at the same level: after a short period of time artificial financial restrictions were lifted – Ukraine realized the illogic of their actions.

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