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Declassified the exterior and interior of the sports car Toyota Supra

Рассекречены экстерьер и интерьер спорткара Toyota SupraSports car first appeared at the Geneva motor show.

Image appeared by the efforts of fans of the upcoming innovations that “crustily” official details of the interior and treated the sketch of the body.

Supra already rather tired audience long by anxious expectation. This year sports car first appeared at the Geneva motor show in the format of the show car GR Supra Racing Concept, and at the Festival of speed at Goodwood, made in the form of a prototype, covered with a colorful “camouflage”. Meanwhile, the platform of the BMW Z4 Roadster had its debut, and the Russian division of the brand has announced prices (sales will begin in March 2019).

Suffering to the serial model will have to wait until the Detroit motor show 2019, where the car show. But given the enthusiasm of fans and different information leakage, by the time of the presentation will be no surprises.

Recently in the Internet appeared the images of different parts of the interior Supra – front panel, steering wheel and other components. Published and a two-dimensional drawing of the exterior. Followers of the sports car forum SupraMKV not to waste time and put together the “mosaic” of the interior, and the body is made three-dimensional by adding the detailing that was visible on the prototype.

With a body of revelation there, but the interior is already interesting because it has nothing to do with the depths of the iconic Supra A80 – instead a sort of cockpit, where sat the driver, appears deliberately laconic and minimalistic torpedo.

Technically the Supra is expected largely repeats the Z4 and get a 340-strong radnoy “six” in volume of 3.0 L. its predecessor, incidentally, was also inline motor of the same volume, but not beamberry and private 2JZ-GTE with two turbochargers and a truly huge potential for tuning.

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