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Declared castes of the series the WITCHER

In early September we learned that the title role of Geralt of Rivia in the upcoming adaptation of the famous Polish fantasy cycle will be performed by none other than Henry Cavill. But what about other characters?

Here, not without another wave of bambesa because of the color of the skin. Network spread rumors that one of the leading female roles Netflix is going to take a black actress, and of course, “true fans”, often not familiar with the original (just from personal experience), hastened very much displeased, and to heap curses series, a streaming service and so tolerant world. But no, guys, wipe your tears with the hoods of the Ku Klux Klan, all right!

The role of CRIS, the young Queen Centre, Duchess Brugge and Sodden, will be performed by Freya Allan (“desert of death”), and the sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg play Anya Calatra (“wanderlust”).

In addition, castes enrolled:

Jodie Mae (“Another other Boleyn girl”, “Game of thrones”) as Queen Calanthe,

Bjorn Haraldsson of Honor (“Fortitude”) in the role of her husband ASTA of Tiraha,

Adam levy (TV’s “snatch”) as a druid of Mysovoe,

Myanna Bering (“Ripper Street”) as the sorceress, Tissue de Vries, rector of Arethusa,

Mimi Divine (Doctor Who) and Terica Wilson-Reid (“Profile”) in the role of novice witch,

Millie Brady (“the Sword of king Arthur”) in the role of exiled Princess renfri.

Dark-skinned actress, Mimi Divine, the cast has wormed, but it seems advocates of the oppressed white race have nothing to worry about, because she got the character of the second, if not third, plan.

Recall that the script is already finished and the first season will consist of eight episodes. Directors are Alik Sakharov (“Game of thrones”), the Charlotte Brandstrom (“Double”) and Alex Garcia Lopez (“the exorcist”).

Showrunner — Lauren Schmidt (“Daredevil”).

Shooting is due to commence soon and the release will take place either at the end of 2019-th or beginning of 2020.

Freya Allan

Anya Calatra

Jodie Mae

Bjorn Haraldsson Of Honor

Adam Levy

Myanna Bering

Mimi Divine

Terica Wilson-Reid

Millie Brady

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