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Declaration Poroshenko: earned President in 2016

Декларация Порошенко: сколько заработал президент в 2016 годуPoroshenko was given UAH 12 million of income in 2016.

President Petro Poroshenko has declared 127 million 295 thousand 570 hryvnias of income for 2016.

This is evidenced by the registry data of e-returns.

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In particular, his wages amounted to 366 342 hryvnias, the income from alienation of securities and corporate rights – 26 252 hryvnia, and interest (international investment Bank) – 11 902 976 hryvnias.

The income of the spouse of the President Marina Poroshenko amounted to 75 thousand UAH, in 2016.

In 2016, the President submitted to the account at the Rothschild Bank (Switzerland) 1 063 988 dollars, to the account of the international investment Bank (IIB) – 393 pound sterling, also in the accounts in IIB he of 25.9 million dollars (in the previous reporting year, there were 26.3 million), 9,9 thousand Euro (14,4 million) and 80.8 thousand hryvnia (540,5 million), the wife of Marina – 4.3 thousand euros (8.9 thousand) and 115,2 thousand hryvnia (was 71 thousand).

Of cash, the President has declared 60 thousand and $ 900 thousand hryvnias.

Poroshenko has made 8 million 190 thousand UAH in “Prime assets capital”, which was declared in the year 2015 and took 3 million 430 thousand (previous year was declared a loan of 3.9 million dollars) and 1 million 111 thousand UAH to third parties.

President’s wife Maryna spent 11.7 thousand euros for the use of housing premises in Spain.

Information about real estate in the Declaration of the head of state do not differ from that made in the previous e-statements.

In his own house with an area of 1.3 thousand square metres in Kozyn Kyiv region worth UAH 30 million for the year 2012 and land in Kozyn in 33.2 thousand square meters, worth nearly 4 million hryvnia in 2013 (the house and land in the enjoyment of his wife, daughters and youngest son), 1.2 thousand sq m (more than UAH 1 million for 2007), and the rent – zemuchastok in Kozyn 7.5 thousand square meters (almost 0.5 million in 2015).

He also owns zemuchastki in Kiev with an area of 1 thousand square meters (worth UAH 8 million in 2011), 6.3 thousand square meters (almost 11 million in 2009) and 5.2 thousand sq m (21.7 million hryvnia in 2014), the apartments in Kiev for 134 sq m (with 1993, the value not specified) and 82 m (9 thousand hryvnia in 1996), headquartered in Vinnytsia 68 sq m (70 thousand UAH for 2007) and non-residential premises in Odessa 35 sq m (181 thousand UAH in 2007).

In addition, he took on the mortgage the complex of rest “the Swan” in the Estuary in Odessa region the area of 2.4 thousand square meters (the cost base – 1.1 million for 2007).

Owned by his wife Marina and son since 1993 is the Kiev apartment of 81 sq. m (price not listed), ownership of wives in the SS Kiev region zemuchastok 2 thousand square meters (in 2000, the value not specified) and the house of 344 sq m (152 thousand UAH for 2005).

Poroshenko also owns a Mercedes-Benz Vito 2010 release value of 441 thousand UAH in 2010 (the machine is also in the enjoyment of his family), and the boat Bayliner 185 BR (2005 year of manufacture, the cost is not specified), and his wife a Jaguar XF produced in 2008 (value of 455 thousand UAH in 2008).

Of valuable property, which cost more than 100 living wages, he declared collection of paintings by Ukrainian and Russian artists of 19-20 centuries.(65 units), the collection of paintings by old masters (15 units), a collection of paintings by contemporary artists of the impressionist and realist (4 units), the collection of sculptures of the XIX-XX centuries (6 units) and sculpture, Guglielmo Pugi “Boy fisherman” (their value is not specified in the Declaration).
Also Poroshenko with his wife declared 6 watches (Hublot, Breguet, Patek Phillip), 12 pieces of jewelry, 4 units of clothing, car dry cleaning, 3 bags, 4 furniture and 4 kitchen, 3 fireplace tool set (watch and candle holders), table clock, wall sconce set of 14 pieces, 2 lamps, 2 TVs and a projector, a piano and 2 carpets, value of which exceeds 100 minimum.

We will remind, within several days were observed the failure of the registry of electronic declarations. In NACP said that to restore its work is planned for the morning of 29 March, however, the system was not working until 16:00. The head of the NACP Natalia Korchak said that questions about the operation of the registry should be addressed to the system administrator – state enterprise “Ukrainian special systems”. Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman lashed out at NACP and said that it is the responsibility of the Agency. Groisman advised all staff of the NACP to resign. Korczak in the end, said the refusal to resign after criticism at the Cabinet meeting.

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