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Deciphered the ancient records of a global catastrophe

Расшифрованы древние записи о глобальной катастрофеTwelve thousand years ago, a period of severe cold.

The artifacts were discovered in the temple complex of Göbekli Tepe, located in the Armenian highlands in the South-East of Turkey. Their age — about 12 thousand years coincides with the age of traces of strong climatic changes revealed by analysis of ice cores from Greenland.

Using statistical analysis, researchers found that the characters depicted in posts are likely to be associated with the constellations and astronomical events. Some images, such as the man without a head, could symbolize the consequences of the cataclysm.

Twelve thousand years ago, a period of sharp cooling (younger Dryas), caused, according to one version, the fall of the comet. Therefore, researchers believe that the inhabitants of Göbekli Tepe documented on poles collision with a celestial body. According to researchers, this event occurred at 10 899 year BC.

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