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Debunked the myth about the danger of cats to the psyche

Развенчан миф об опасности кошек для психики The connection between cats and the development of mental disorders from their owners was not detected.

English researchers had to work hard to refute the results of sensational over the last couple years of experimentation. Allegedly, the owners of the cats increases the risk of schizophrenia, suicidal and unreasonable outbursts of aggression.

All because of the bacteria Toxoplasma, which are carriers of ordinary domestic cats. Thus, the previous studies on the relationship of infection by toxoplasmosis with the development of mental disorders was a serious error. But the news was picked up by the media and led to the fact that very impressionable cat owners even began to abandon Pets. Clarify the situation of the British experts, a study which took several years.

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Doctors monitored the development and health are more than 5 thousand children, and was investigated not only the health indicators of the participants, but also demographic, social and economic situation of their families. Scientists monitored the health of participants from birth to the end of adolescence (18 years). The calculation also took on ethnicity and the presence of families not only cats but other animals. Doctors examined the women who kept house for cats, during pregnancy, after the birth of children, then the children themselves during the periods they reach 4, 10, 14 and 18.

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It turned out that the risk of mental disorders in children and adolescents in families which keep cats, is no higher than in families where these animals do not hold. However, the fact that toxoplasmosis infection during pregnancy can lead to the sinking of the fetus and miscarriage, doctors have confirmed. Therefore, experts advise expectant mothers not to clean up after the cats to avoid contact with feces, and not eating insufficiently thermally processed meat, unwashed fruits and vegetables.

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