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Debunked the most popular myths about sugar

Развенчаны самые популярные мифы о сахареEverything you need to know about sugar.

Hardly left on the earth though one person who is able to absorb sweets and do not experience feelings of guilt, which he imposed on all sides. Talk about the dangers of sugar do not cease for a minute and hear from all sides. Write about it all — from women’s magazines to serious nutritionists, and not always these discussions come to unambiguous conclusions.

Conflicting information about the benefit or definite harm of sugar appeals to the figures, since 1980 the percentage of obese people has doubled and today there are about 600 million people who have clinically confirmed obesity. Nutritionists attribute this to the fact that the percentage of products with high sugar content rose to unprecedented figures.

But what actually is a sugar and is it so terrible? We all know that sugar is the fastest carbohydrate which is immediately digested and assimilated by the body, thereby becomes food for the growth of fat tissue. The increase in the level of glucose in the blood becomes the cause of the sudden release of energy, due to which sugar is the best energy. However everything is not so simple as it seems.

Sugar is the best energy source

Sugar is considered the most high-carbohydrate, due to which it is considered to be a win-win energy source for the body. He instantly enters the bloodstream, increasing the level of glucose in the blood. It should be remembered that regulation of blood glucose does insulin — hormone secreted by the pancreas.

Getting sugar in the body triggers the production of insulin, but other than that, starting the insulin glands can trigger the stress. In other words, to seize the sweet excitement of — quite physiological process. Exactly here lie the roots of psychological dependence on sweets — the body simply requires a recharge, which is faster only can come from sugar.

While loading the sugar is not able to give significant time of energy. Fast absorption of simple sugars causes the insulin level also drops rapidly and the man again feels tired. At the same time, complex carbohydrates are able to maintain insulin levels at the proper level for a long time.

Fruits contain huge amounts of sugar

Among all simple sugars, the most useful considered to be fructose — a monosaccharide, which is contained in the fruit. Fructose is often sold separately from other foods and is marketed as a healthy replacement for ordinary sugar. It is interesting because the use of fruit sugars not provoke release of insulin. Fructose is absorbed into the blood through the liver and digestive tract, the walls of which she absorbed and converted into glucose.

In fact, fruits can be an excellent source of healthy sugars, but artificial sweetener under the guise of fructose is better left on the shelf. Dietary fiber fruits can be a great fuel for the body without producing side effects in the form of fat deposits.

Brown sugar healthier than the other

Use brown sugar — the myth of 100 percent, which was created by the marketing departments of companies. Color sugar means nothing, except that in the production process it is not bleached to white state. No additional properties brown sugar is not responsible for and does not differ from conventional white sugar.

You should not believe the labels “sugar free”

Unfortunately, to believe what is written on the packaging of the products is impossible. Even the main setting that the product is not sugar, may on close examination prove to be a fake. Hidden sugar can lurk in the product under the guise of various artificial sweeteners, which may not provoke insulin release, but will hit the liver and the enzymes of the digestive system. Thus, if you really want to protect yourself from sugar, should abandon complex products and prefer natural and organic food.

Our ancestors did not eat sugar and our body is not adapted to it

Recently, ecologicheskikh circles exaggerated theme that supposedly our ancestors did not eat sugar at all and only once a year, during harvest, eat a lot of fruit to fill and at the same time laid free sugar into fat, which had to burn long in the winter. In fact, our ancestors were big sweet tooth (if you can call it love for the starch and sweet roots), but consume sugar in its natural form.

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