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Debunked the most popular myths about menu for diabetics

Развенчаны самые популярные мифы о меню диабетиковIt turns out that people with diabetes half of what “banned” really can have.

Society has formed many erroneous statements relating to the nutrition of people with diabetes. Because of this, diabetics are forced to sit almost on the water, fearing that any product will trigger a jump in the level of glucose in the blood. In fact, diabetes can eat almost everything but in reasonable quantities, and most importantly – to plan a diet and follow it during the day.

Myth 1 – Carbohydrates are banned. Everything will depend on the origin of a carbohydrate product, if it’s refined sugar, cakes, pastries, candies and other products, then they should be as careful as possible, but preferably not there at all. All other carbohydrates, such as vegetables, fruits, berries, bakery products and pasta from durum wheat, beans, porridge, on the contrary, useful for the health of diabetics.

Myth 2: Eating sugar and sweets leads to diabetes. An indirect correlation is possible and is present but diabetes type 1 and 2 occurs in the background of insufficient production of insulin by the pancreas and gestational diabetes mellitus-affected pregnant women and not just those whose diet has a lot of sugar.

Myth 3 – Diabetics need to consume protein foods instead of the carbohydrate. Doctors absolutely different opinion, because fatty meat (protein) in the diet increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Myth 4 – Insulin dependent people can eat everything. This is a serious misconception, which can develop negative complications. Insulin injections should be administered on schedule, and diet must be tailored to the fact that a person is sick with diabetes.

Myth 5 – No desserts and sweets in diabetes. Doctors recommend to contact them to clarify the truth or incorrectness of this judgment. Desserts can be different, as well as their composition, so to claim that the diabetic can not eat products from this category, not worth it. Moreover, people can greatly reduce the number of servings of dessert, or eat it instead of one meal that it does not cause harm.

Doctors recommend that people with diabetes not to reinvent the wheel in terms of food and not to listen to others, and to consult with your doctor, who knows better than the rest, what food will be in the case is useful and what is harmful.

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