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Debunked ten of the most popular myths about weight loss

Развенчаны десять самых популярных мифов о похудении Because of the belief in false beliefs about weight loss, many people can’t lose weight.

Obesity is one of the main problems of modern society. Almost every second adult and every fifth child today has weight and some of obesity rates.

We all know that the extra weight adversely affect human health and contribute to the development of many diseases, so getting rid of him right after he appeared. But before wanting to lose weight is a wall of myths about weight loss, which greatly hinders them, so the experts decided once again to explain what was happening.

These beliefs about losing weight it is impossible to believe:

1. To lose weight, need to visit cardio and in any case power. In fact, these two types of physical activity necessary for weight loss. If you do only cardio, the skin will SAG and the result is not exactly happy.

2. If every day in sports, you can eat anything. From the image diet depends 80% of the result of weight loss, and sports – only 20%. It turns out that the most important is the adjustment of power and then have to think about physical activity.

3. After 18:00 is impossible. Nutritionists say: “Fasting is from six PM to 7-8 am absolutely not!”, especially for those who want to lose weight. Abandoning the dinner, you slow down your metabolism and trigger terrible hunger in the morning, which leads to excessive overeating.

4. The more you train the better the result. The experts advise to train every day – it drains the body and strongly affects the human psyche. Only 3-4 workouts per week is enough to effectively lose weight.

5. The Express diet is the best way to lose weight. Perhaps this is the fastest method of losing weight, but it is far from harmless. Dropped pounds come back with a vengeance right after the diet ends.

6. Giving up meat provokes rapid weight loss. This theory only works if you forgo meat and other harmful foods or become a vegetarian, consume only dairy products, vegetables, fruits and cereals. When a person doesn’t eat meat, but it puts the stomach of fried potatoes, it will not lead to fast results, it does not say.

7. Due to workouts increases appetite. In fact, if something is enhanced, it is only thirst. you can handle 1-2 cups of plain water.

8. You can borrow weight loss plan with a friend. Two people with the same proportions of the body during weight loss will change in different ways, and how to decline weight, so you need its own system, not someone else’s, even if super-effective.

9. It is impossible to break the weight loss plan. Psychologists advise to do the opposite, because it will allow dieters not to fall into depression and feel a complete human being who can indulge yourself in something tasty once a week or during the diet.

10. A person can lose weight only in one part of the body. It is not possible to lose weight only in your stomach area or hips you will not succeed, because the weight is reduced proportionally.

Not to step on yours or others “rake” in weight loss, you should immediately contact the experts who will help to get rid of obesity without harm to health and in the shortest time.

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