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Debunked popular myths about chewing gum

Развенчаны популярные мифы о жевательной резинкеChewing gums on blue

Whiten teeth and make breath fresh, remove food debris and to protect against tooth decay using gum advertising promises.

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The use of chewing gum today – it habitual. The prototype emerged 5 thousand years ago in Ancient Greece. For cooking used a variety of tree resin and beeswax, writes the with reference to

A modern version of chewing gum began to produce in America. Thomas Adams used the recipe of the natives of South America and started production.

Truth and myths

There is an opinion that chewing gum is able to whiten your teeth, but it is not. To the teeth are whiter, you’ll have to ask for help to the dentist.

Many people use gum to make your breath fresh, however, not all samples even able for a short time to help you achieve the refreshing effect. After all, the primary function of chewing gum – to remove food residue.

Bad breath can be associated with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or oral cavity, so it will help only a doctor’s consultation, examination and subsequent treatment. But if you still need to urgently bring the breath, use a refreshing spray or a chewing gum containing the resin of coniferous trees.

Dentists warn that chewing gum can be chewed no more than 3 minutes after a meal. The alternative is dental floss as you’ll be able to keep the crown of the tooth or existing fillings, dentures, implants, and occlusion. In addition, the dental floss does not cause such profuse salivation and does not lead to malfunction of the digestive tract.

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