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Debunked key myths about the rules of the HLS

Развенчаны основные мифы о правилах ЗОЖMany of us observe absolutely useless rules of a healthy lifestyle, which allegedly was invented by the experts.

The layman is easy to make mistakes when choosing a particular method of healthy lifestyle. Each expert is also his own distinctive opinion about what should be the rules of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, a person who wants to become healthy and live a long life, it is very difficult to determine what rules should be followed.

Experts debunk the main myths about the rules of healthy lifestyle:

You should stop eating salt or minimize its amount. Actually, the salt takes part in metabolism, so to abandon it means to infringe on your body and, of course, impair the health.

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You need to constantly drink for Breakfast freshly squeezed juices. On empty stomach doctors categorically do not recommend to drink fresh juices from fresh fruits and vegetables, because they trigger oxidative processes in the stomach, and they, in turn, can cause the development of cancer.

Coffee banned. Scientists have a completely different opinion on this matter. They believe that coffee can not only drink pregnant women and hypertensive patients, and for all other coffee is a healthy drink that protects the body from cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and atherosclerosis.

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Vitamin C will solve all health problems. In fact, vitamin C is absolutely useless if you take it in the vitamin complexes for prevention of viral diseases. Today the people are more lack of vitamin D than C, so it is better to lean on him.

Remember that in any case you should always make informed decisions and not go on about those who could potentially be wrong.

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