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Debunked key myths about diets

Развенчаны основные мифы о диетахAll you need to know about food and nutrition.

E-components is synonymous with chemicals, GMO products are dangerous to health — the doctor-gastroenterologist Alexei Paramonov told about popular myths about food and nutrition.

GMO products are harmful

What they say: GM foods contain foreign genes, and therefore they are dangerous to health and the human body and can cause the development of various diseases.

In fact: GM foods contain foreign for this kind of organisms, the gene introduced with a practical purpose. For example, to the potatoes did not eat Colorado potato beetle or to increase the starch content in corn. Regardless of the source of the introduced gene of GM products entering the gastrointestinal tract, inevitably breaks down into amino acids, glycerin, fatty acids, monosaccharides and nucleotides, which are no different from substances produced during the digestion of the classic organisms, wild or obtained as a result of selection.

On the other hand, genetically modified organisms can present an ecological threat, they are more adapted to their environment, not afraid of pests and diseases. But this aspect is beyond the scope of the medical evaluation of GMOs, besides the company producing GMOs, have developed successful mechanisms of control over these substances.

E-components in the product is also dangerous to health

What they say: if a product has a name with an E, like this product to put back on the shelf. Nothing useful in there — one solid chemistry and harm.

In fact: E is adopted in Europe, the system of abbreviated names of nutrients. Under the E number are hidden not only in food preservatives or dyes, but such familiar kitchen substances, such as vinegar, citric acid and even vitamin C.

Yogurt is the most healthy food

What they say: yogurts contain beneficial bacteria that positively affect the functioning of the body and its microflora and improving digestive system. And they are delicious and not very nutritious even though they contain sugar.

Actually natural yogurt without sugar is a good choice: they are balanced in protein, fats and carbohydrates, nutritious, do not contribute to weight gain, contain lactic acid bacteria, which can provide protection, for example, from intestinal infections and antibiotic-associated diarrhea. Sweet yogurt should be viewed as dessert. The sugar content in them can reach 10% is unacceptable for patients with diabetes and obesity. But a lean, athletic people and children sweet yogurt will not harm.

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Products with sodium glutamate are dangerous to health

Saying MSG is a chemically synthesized substance, which means that it is harmful to health. It is better to avoid it and to choose natural products.

Actually: it’s like saying that the dangerous protein products. Glutamate is an essential amino acid, component of any protein. One steak it contains much more than any ersatz product type noodles, where it is added to improve the taste. Glutamate it gives the meat flavor. For the preparation of many Oriental dishes use sauces based on natural glutamate. Synthetic glutamate is no different from the natural and absolutely harmless.

Bifidobacteria are beneficial to the body

What they say: need eat more dairy products because it contains a lot of milk, but they are useful for the body and human health. So on the packages of yoghurt write.

In fact: most likely, bifidobacteria really useful. In modern clinical studies have examined a very small number of bacteria, mainly lactobacilli. On some of them are proven: they prevent and treat infectious diarrhea and also act in the prevention of antibiotic-associated clostridiales diarrhea and colitis. But all of the bacteria in our food these data can be distributed partially and with reservations, and it will only be a guess.

All the products contain chemicals that are harmful to health, and all-natural useful

What they say: if you want to be healthy and live a hundred years, we need to abandon non-natural products, eat only vegetables, fruits and herbs. After all, there is no chemistry.

Actually: the whole world around us consists of chemicals. Products made from them, does not exist. It is possible to oppose to each other synthetic substances produced at the plant, and natural, derived from animate and inanimate nature. But for two centuries well-known law of the constancy of the composition of substances, whether synthetic vitamin C in the plant or inside the lemon tree, all the chemical properties of these two molecules with different ancestry will be identical.

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Milk is harmful to the body and bones

What they say: it turns out that milk is bad for bones and does not contribute to their strengthening. Anyway, it contains lactose, which also negatively affects human health.

In fact: milk is a source of protein and calcium. Is that just need the bones. On the other hand, a quarter of the world population — adults lose the ability to digest milk sugar, and it all goes to the bacteria of the intestine, which makes it a good laxative. But these men, knowing its own peculiarity, don’t drink milk.

The pink color of the sausage says about adding harmful substances, and gray — natural

What they say: pink is an unnatural color for food. He suggests that the manufacturer adds a lot of preservatives, dyes and other harmful substances, is not there. But the gray color is good, it is useful.

In fact: if you cook meat, especially beef, it will be gray. Despite the vicious insinuations that sausage made out of toilet paper, claimed: the main ingredient in its production is meat. So the stuffing does not become grey, to the sausage add sodium nitrite in quantities that give it the pink color, but pose no danger to health.

However, recent studies have shown that regular consumption of products from processed meat, especially red and smoked increases the risk of colorectal cancer. But to tie it with sodium nitrite we can’t. Therefore, any sausage, pink or gray, should not be the basis of nutrition. It is better to choose natural white meat: chicken, Turkey, rabbit, fish. And if there is sausage, not every day and along with dietary fiber in the form of vegetable side dishes.

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