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Debunked all the myths about the dangers of eggs

Развенчаны все мифы о вреде яицScientists “rehabilitated” eggs.

Perhaps no one product has not undergone such a number of accusations and persecutions, as eggs. Try to understand, and if they are harmful, as many believe.

From eggs fat

This fiction has appeared, most likely due to the large amount of fat in the yolk. But this is just the logical conclusion. And here is the results of large-scale scientific study conducted by Americans from Western Connecticut state University: after Breakfast with egg, the feeling of fullness lasts longer. In addition, it was found that after the egg Breakfast lunch people eat less food and this will naturally reduce the risk of obesity.

And these properties of egg can be used for weight loss. American scientists and wrote in his summary: “1-2 eggs a day may be used in the treatment of obesity.” Unfortunately, the experts did not say anything about lipotropic substances that prevent fatty liver. Methionine, choline and lecithin in the chicken egg contains a lot. It only remains to add that the calories in the egg are not so many — about 80 calories (if you consider that 1 egg on average weighs 53 g).

Eggs less useful than quail

This bike and do not understand what born. On the one hand, many doctors quite seriously recommend the diet to substitute chicken eggs for quail in cardiovascular diseases, especially atherosclerosis. But on the other hand, there are results of biochemical analysis of the constituents of eggs, which the doctors can not know.

And in these results is that, first, the composition of vitamins and minerals in chicken and quail eggs are approximately the same. Secondly, substances, which are relevant to the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis (konalbumin, lysozyme, flavinproteinov acid) in the chicken egg more than in quail. And third, the cholesterol in quail eggs more than chicken.

In General, if we treated eggs from atherosclerosis, most chicken, not quail. Must be bike about superpulse quail eggs — it’s still a folk art or advertising campaign producers of quail eggs, and some incompetent doctors simply went on about them.

Egg is atherosclerosis

This “song” we sang 30 years ago and still can not refuse it, although the conclusions were only speculative based on the presence in the yolk cholesterol. However, scientific evidence has long denied the impact of eggs on the emergence of atherosclerosis. First, in addition to cholesterol, eggs contain and its antagonists — phospholipids, which in the number of members more.

Secondly, it was found that a large part of the cholesterol from the egg the body (specifically the liver) uses the formation of bile and cell membranes. That is, the egg cholesterol is in fact, not walking on the body. Thirdly, the world health organization in one of its reports stated authoritatively that food cholesterol is not a risk factor of atherosclerosis — science is not established. Polyunsaturated acids in the diet is an established risk of atherosclerosis, and cholesterol from the food — no.

Eggs — “heavy food”

This bike also comes from people’s environment. The premise of the “egg weight”, probably, is sick of the liver and pancreas of some sick people. They have eggs, hard-boiled, often there is a heaviness in the right side, indicating the rejection of such food. Indeed, in diseases of these organs it is not recommended to eat eggs.

However, the caveat applies only to “cool” the eggs. And boiled eggs is very possible if not hypersensitive. Better yet, make an omelet. As for the “gravity” of eggs, that it is absolutely wrong opinion.

On the contrary, eggs are extremely “light” food, and very attractive for the body, because it is the only product that is absorbed by 98%, and without a lot of stress the body! (By the way, after the absorption of eggs in the body is not “toxins”! It is an established fact.) Moreover, if the eggs welded soft-boiled, they will be digested in the stomach just for 1 hour. That is about any “gravity” of the eggs we can not go.

Raw egg is healthier boiled

It is definitely a folk myth, born of ignorance of the basic biochemical features of the product. And they are applied to eggs, are as follows: crude protein is extremely difficult splits and utilized from the body. What anticipate substance contained in raw protein and prevents its cleavage. By the way, here in this case is about a chicken egg, you can say “junk food”.

But not about cooked product that is digested. So that cooked proteins include, even in the most strict diet, where it is imperative not to burden the gastro-intestinal tract and digestive system in General. In addition, a raw egg can be defined as “harmful” because it still contains avidin, a substance which binds Biotin (vitamin H).

Its use leads to very unpleasant consequences, for example, when Biotin is a vitamin deficiency is scaly dermatitis, depression, lethargy, unable even to atrophy of the tongue papillae. In General, a raw egg is still not worth it.

Orange yolks healthier than yellow

This folk tale. Appeared, likely from the fact that rich color eye-pleasing, and from this bridge the gap to “useful” is very simple. People even came up with a very funny explanation: rustic chicken, say, walk up under the sun, but her yolks and stained a bright color, and the yolks are only for village chickens. In fact, the color of the yolk depends on the feed.

And in chickens from the poultry farm, too, can be “made” orange the yolk, if you feed them with canthaxanthin is a special dietary Supplement. In General, the usefulness of eggs is determined by many factors — the food, the species of bird, time of demolition and so on. If we talk about usefulness, then the best is the egg, carried in summer rather than winter, besides, a hen should not at the poultry farm sit, and the yard on the grass to walk.

Egg with white shell is more useful than red (brownish)

Actually wonder the people have defiled eggs with a dark shell — they are in composition of nutrients not different from white, just such eggs are certain types of chickens. And they are very popular with manufacturers, since the difference between these eggs are still there, and is it in a fortress shell. When shipping to the stores brownish eggs less fighting, as their shells are stronger than white eggs.

How many eggs can you eat

In this question — how many doctors, so many opinions. When was the persecution of eggs in connection with cholesterol, some doctors had strictly limited the consumption of 1 egg a week. Of the doctors still advise to only 3-4 eggs a week. In fact, all these tips are from the category of hypothetical.

And American scientists conducted a special study, and very large scale, it has attracted 120 thousand (!) men and women monitored for 14 years. Clearly, the scientists recorded the amount eaten in a week eggs, as well as all myocardial infarctions and strokes occurred in subjects.

The result was clear: those who ate 7 to 14 eggs a week, heart attack and stroke were no more likely than those who ate only 1 egg per week. Hence the withdrawal of American scientists: 1-2 eggs a day no harm will not cause.

How actually to relate to eggs?

Very simple: eggs are a product of high (stress — degree) nutritional and biological value. They focused all components required for the development of a living organism, and they are optimally balanced state.

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