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Debts of Russians will begin to beat robots-collectors

In Russia from September 1 this year, all debtors and mortgage holders know for yourself about what is high technology. VTB Bank is introducing most of these robots-collectors who will be engaged in knocking out debt to anyone who owes the Bank at least a ruble.

At the moment, VTB is already testing robots, and from 1 September will begin their widespread exploitation. This system will be used for the early stages of delinquency, so that initially broad-shouldered uncle, not burdened with vegetation on the head, to be to you will not. The principle of operation of the robot collector not specified, but the representatives of VTB said that it did not violate the existing Russian legislation. We can assume that we are talking about annoying calls to debtors with a request to repay the debt without a financial institution. Numbers for the call are taken from the database of the Bank, drawn up on the basis of contracts on granting loans and other types of loans.

The degree of legality of all of this undertaking while you cannot check out, all will be known only after the launch of robot collectors in the all-Russian operation. It is hoped that the call they will be only to the debtors and to make cold calls and offer loans to citizens they will not. Whatever it was, but the application “Black list” on the smartphone it is better to put in advance.

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