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Death, to prove the existence of fate. Photo

Смерти, доказавшие существование злого рока. ФотоPeople from the following list managed to outwit death.

But for the intervention of fate or coincidence, death overtook them again and they died anyway.

These tragic stories seem like stories horror films.

However, they did indeed happen.

1. Soldiers escaped from the attack of bees and died under the wheels of three cars

Смерти, доказавшие существование злого рока. Фото

Macho Austin (Austin McGeough), 21-year-old American soldiers returned to the base after a small party.

He was hit by a car. However, the strike and the events to this tragedy. It seems that guy really pursuing doom.

How events unfolded:

Austin came back after the party on the base where he served. Being under the influence of alcohol and other drugs, the guy broke into the office of the company for improvement. There he was attacked by a swarm of bees.

Austin scored the rescue and made a call to his girlfriend. Chased by the bees, he left the office and ran track.

Thus, he tried to avoid death. However, ran directly on the roadway, the guy put himself in another danger.

On the road he was hit by a car. And when the car driver stopped to help him, the body of the unfortunate drove two other cars raced in this moment on the highway.

2. The driver escaped in a single accident and died under the wheels of the bus

Смерти, доказавшие существование злого рока. Фото

California driver also failed to cheat death twice.

The man lost control of his SUV on a windy road in Malibu. When he crashed into the mountain slope, he managed to jump out of his car at the last moment.

However, narrowly avoiding falling off a cliff, which almost certainly would have ended with a lethal outcome, he found another death…

After a few seconds after he jumped out of his car, a man knocked down by bus protrasi.

3. The girl survived the plane crash, but was immediately crushed by fire truck

Смерти, доказавшие существование злого рока. Фото

After 16-year-old girl somehow managed to survive a plane crash that happened in San Francisco, she found his death under the wheels of a fire truck.

The girl was lying just a few metres from the crash site waiting for medical care.

However, arrived on the scene the fire truck moved the victim. The girl died.

City officials explained such a misfortune the fact that around was chaos and bustle. But the girl’s family filed a lawsuit to the appropriate service for the admitted negligence.

4. A woman escaped death in one tragedy, died in another

Смерти, доказавшие существование злого рока. Фото

Jessica Redfield (Jessica Redfield), a young TV presenter, were killed in the infamous Aurora cinema at the premiere of “the Dark knight” in 2012.

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But for 3 months before Jessica miraculously survived another very similar situation with the shooting at the Mall in Toronto.

The last time the girl managed to cheat death, she jumped out of a shopping center for a few minutes before the terrible fire, in which one person died and many were injured.

5. A woman who survived the September 11 attacks, soon died in a plane crash

Смерти, доказавшие существование злого рока. Фото

Hilda Yolanda Mol (Hilda Yolanda Mayol) worked in the restaurant on the ground floor of the world trade center.

Unfortunately, having survived this terrible tragedy, in just two months, Hilda died in a plane crash.

The American Airlines flight 587 crashed in Queens, new York. At first many were frightened, thinking that the accident was the second terrorist attack.

But the accident was the result of pilot error, which lost control during turbulence.
Top with ridiculous deaths

6. The woman woke up at my own funeral and died from the shock

Смерти, доказавшие существование злого рока. Фото

49-year-old Fagile I. (Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov) was declared dead.

But apparently, it was erroneous assumption as to the day of the funeral the woman suddenly…came to life.

During the prayer, which the family was praising God for her repose, “deceased” suddenly woke up. Realizing that it is at your own funeral, a woman locked in a coffin, and cried out for help.

She had a heart attack from the shock, which led to the death … the Unfortunate was taken to the hospital where doctors confirmed that she was, indeed, dead.

7. Basketball player escaped the fatal flight but died in a car accident

Смерти, доказавшие существование злого рока. Фото

In 1977 a plane crash killed the entire basketball team.

All but one player were victims of a terrible tragedy. Only the injured David Furr (David Furr) managed to escape from imminent death.

Because of an injury, the guy missed the flight. However, 2 weeks later he and his younger brother crashed in a car accident.

8. A woman escaped death by fire, but was killed in the crash

Смерти, доказавшие существование злого рока. Фото

Brazilian Jessica de Lima Role (Jessica de Lima Rohl) were preparing for a party at one of the local Nightclubs.

However, at the request of her boyfriend, she refused to go at the last moment. This proved to be a life-saving decision:

the fire in that nightclub killed 233 people.

However, doom gets the girl in exactly one week: Jessica and her boyfriend were killed in a car accident, faced with an oncoming truck.

9. The boy survived the tornado and died of dog bites

Смерти, доказавшие существование злого рока. Фото

Lynn Heilig (Lynn Geiling) sheltered his little nephew and his family after they managed to escape from the terrible tornado in Oklahoma.

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The disaster has caused great damage, and the family left their son with a relative to settle an important case.

According to police, 5-year-old boy was in hysterics when his parents left.

It promptly responded with a huge dog. 70-pound Mastiff attacked a child and never let go baby as long as the adults pulled him out of the dog’s mouth.

In the attack the boy was fatally injured. Aggressive dog had to be put down.

10. Marcus Garvey suffered a stroke after reading the obituary about himself

Смерти, доказавшие существование злого рока. Фото

Marcus Garvey, an activist for the rights of the black population, was also a tough politician.

It is not surprising that detractors of such a person was a lot. However, the politician was so shocked when I read the false obituary in one of the publications that his body could not stand such a blow.

False information about his death provoked a real death. Garvey suffered a double stroke, from which he died.

11. Father and daughter survived the crash and one died in another

Смерти, доказавшие существование злого рока. Фото

Bud Warren and Phyllis Ridings (“Bud” Warren and Phyllis Ridings) survived a terrible plane crash.

Father and daughter thanked God for such a wonderful salvation. Surprisingly, this incident did not discourage both the desire to fly.

Four years later, their plane crashed near the airport of Montgomery County. This time, fate was stronger good luck: father and daughter killed.

12. The girl survived the incident at the pool, but died in surgery

Смерти, доказавшие существование злого рока. Фото

6 year old Abigail Taylor (Abigail Taylor) was seriously injured falling into sewage pool.

She sat on the toilet bowl, and the girl got sucked up inside.

Fortunately, doctors were able to save the baby.

However, just nine months later, Taylor died on the operating table during surgery, which is needed to carry after such a terrible incident.

Her death has sparked public outrage. Swimming pools have become immediately alter so that they become safe to operate.

13. Stuntman died by slipping on an orange peel

Смерти, доказавшие существование злого рока. Фото

Bobby Leach (Leach Bobby), famous daredevil and stuntman, perform deadly stunts and always come out unscathed, both literally and figuratively.

In 1911, he fell from the Niagara falls, while in the barrel. In some strange way he died.

The death of the brave stunt was the most ridiculous: he slipped, stepping on an orange peel. Received in the fall, the injury eventually developed into gangrene, which Leach and died just two months later.

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