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Death soldiers of Vyshgorod: new details

Смерть солдата-срочника в Вышгороде: новые подробностиInvestigators and relatives do not rule out the second version, in addition to the main.

The soldiers of Alexander Vysotsky could have killed intentionally. Investigators do not exclude the version that the military shot, the other was conscious, though remains the main version of the murder by negligence.

The tragedy occurred on April 27 in shipping gateway in the city of Vyshgorod, the protection provided by seven soldiers and commanding Sergeant. The latter was to blame subordinates that their weapons are poorly cleaned and began to show shortcomings, as suddenly a gun in his hands fired. Investigators continue to work with witnesses and tend to pre-qualification – careless handling of weapons. “However, the version of premeditated murder, we can’t exclude”, – says Nikolay petrishin.

Relatives of the deceased soldier is also in doubt because of a Kalashnikov is not so easy to shoot – you need to remove the fuse, put the cartridge. “I understand it is machine – picked and accidentally pulled the trigger. That is – by accident. And he took the machine up, put a cartridge in the chamber. I think the witness was, the conversation heard,” said father Stepan Vysotsky. At the same time, it recognizes that anyone in the army son conflict had, and service was very satisfied.

The Sergeant who made the fatal shot, was arrested, but Darnitskiy district court refused to remand and release on personal recognizance. The Prosecutor’s office is appealing the decision, though, and says that in eight years of service Sergeant was characterised exclusively positively, aggression did not show. Now he faces up to 10 years behind bars, and if you can prove that the murder was premeditated, and 15.

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