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DEATH note: light meets Ruka (VIDEO, IN RUSSIAN!)

To watch or not to watch a feature-length adaptation of the famous manga from Netflix – everyone decides for himself. I tend to still watch. Willem Dafoe in the role of the demon of death, the Director of “You’re dead!” at the helm – this is enough to cause my interest in the project. And then there’s the very-even-niceguy the trailer rolled. Yes, and good fellows from UA Max did a Russian voice acting, and very good.

Light, capable student, finds the mysterious death note that can kill anyone whose name to enter. Light decides to launch a secret mission to clean up the streets from criminals. Soon, the student-vigilante discovers that he is pursued by a famous FBI Profiler with the alias L.

Premiere on Netflix will take place on 25 August 2017.

Russian voice from UA Max:

Original video:

Bonus – chic Twist with Comiccon:

And a brand new character poster:

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