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Death Kiss – a Thriller about vengeance with double Charles Bronson

The American cinema has gotten a modern version of the iconic “death wish” with Bruce Willis in the lead role. Looked a picture yet critics say about her with out a doubt, setting an example similar to the idea of “Death sentence” James WAN with the comparison in favor of the latter. Honestly, initially this project are very cool, because the original “Death Wish” in 1974 too good dramatic side, and Eli Roth is clearly removed simply “another fighter with a tough Nut to crack”. Although old-school posters turned out very even nothing.

Meanwhile, in the United States Matures another similar project, and about the connection with “death” in it speaks not so much formulaic plot about the bloody proper justice, how much the lead actor Robert Kovacs. See for yourself – he’s the spitting image of Charles Bronson! Selection of similar stars actors in low-budget movies, in General, the trick is not new, but here the similarity one-to-one, I can’t believe that without make-up.

The film pseudo-Bronson called “Kiss of death” (“Death Kiss”), took it off , Rene Perez, the Director of “the Burning dead”. The caste was noted by Daniel Baldwin (“Vampires”), Richard Tyson (“Black hawk down”) and Eva Hamilton (“the Way back”). At this point, the movie is under filming. We have to wait?

In the meantime, take a look at the selection of frames.

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