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Death is eternal revolutionary: what was the reaction of the world

Смерть вечного революционера: как отреагировал мир About the death of Fidel Castro spoke to the leaders of many countries from different corners of the planets of the Earth

Today, November 26, it became known about the death of 90-year-old leader of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro.

His death was announced by his younger brother Raul, who in 2008 took over the position of Fidel in charge of the country.

Despite the age, the death of Cuban revolutionary many by surprise. Politicians and leaders from around the world spoke about the life of Castro.
So, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that the revolutionaries around the world to preserve the legacy of Fidel Castro and to continue his work.

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The leader of Mexico, Enrique peña Nieto said that Fidel “was a friend of Mexico, promoted the bilateral relationship based on respect, dialogue and solidarity.”

The head of the Radical party, Oleg Lyashko said that the world has lost a living legend. “I sincerely sympathize with the brotherly Cuban people,” – said Lyashko.

Prime Minister Narendra modi called the death of a revolutionary “tragedy”, declaring it “one of the most iconic personalities of the twentieth century” and his “great friend”.

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The master of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin has called Castro “a symbol of an era in recent world history”. In his opinion, “built by him and his companions a free and independent Cuba became an influential member of the international community and served as an inspiring example for many countries and peoples.”

However, for some, the death of Fidel Castro has become a cause for celebration. In Miami, USA, in “Little Havana” where the immigrants from Cuba, hundreds of people took to the streets to celebrate the passing of the Cuban revolutionary.

Смерть вечного революционера: как отреагировал мир

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