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Deadpool, Billy doll, venom: the most impressive beauty images for Halloween

Before Halloween only one week left, but many stars already prepare for the scariest night of the year. So, Rihanna on his blog showed how to make a spectacular winter makeup in cool colors (in the spirit of the Snow Queen), Heidi Klum started working on the idea back in the summer, because the creation of her costumes — it is long and complicated, but Victoria Shelegova decided not to torment the fans and yesterday at the Ball debutantes Tatler showed the image of the rebels from the crypt, straight as an animated cartoon character in Tim Burton’s “Corpse bride” (shivers made his way not only secular heroines, but our Gossipy). What can I say, Igor Sechin turned into a vampire with fangs, proving that sometimes even a suitable Halloween costume is not needed if the pocket is Tic Tac. On the eve of all saints Day SPLETNIK.RU have collected for you the most vivid and terrifying beauty of Luke.

“I want to play with you one game…”

Billy doll, familiar to anyone who has ever seen the movie “Saw”, is one of the most scary characters from horror films. If you want to give your friends nightmares, Halloween choose this image puppets. Billy really evokes fear and terror. To repeat this sinister way, you will need a white powder, water paints, black eye shadow, red lipstick and a black wig. For the entourage will not prevent a dark Trouser suit, white shirt and red bow tie.

The nightmare before Christmas

Animated musical film Henry Selika and Tim Burton’s “Nightmare before Christmas” — a storehouse of colorful characters (one image Sally, Finkelstein established scientists from different parts in the likeness of Frankenstein’s monster, that is!). We have collected the most impressive bows, inspired by this picture.


On the screen the image of Deadpool brilliantly embodied by Ryan Reynolds, and beauty bloggers have become the twins “the talkative mercenary” (eng. The Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool) with makeup.


When fans of Tom hardy first saw it in the way the venom symbiote, they were both scared and excited. The same effect probably will make your makeup on Halloween, inspired by a character of Marvel comics, in which live two creatures — the man and the alien. American artists Charles Toby and Nellie Hernandez already rehearsed a “split personality” — let’s see what they got!

And who will you be this Halloween? We offer to your attention a great idea for themed makeup.

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