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Deadly sell in Japan (VIDEO)

The human stupidity is not a nationality. And borders, she also does not know. Next time when you see comments in the spirit of “it is only in Russia could be,” tell their authors about the terrible stupidity of the incident in Japan, in Saitama.

There’s two adult men – a 47-year-old Japanese man and a 36-year-old perianes – was arrested for a stupid joke, which led to the death of a person. 44-year-old Yoshiyuki, Koguchi… literally cheated to death!

All participants in this incident had worked for the same company – waste recycling plant. During a break for a smoke break Trinity cleaned clothing with the help of powerful industrial compressor. Two friends decided to laugh at Youki, grabbed it and pressed the hose from the compressor to the rear of the passage, from which the man’s abdomen rapidly swelled. Koguti complained of pain, colleagues took him to the hospital, but after a few hours he died.

The cause of death was internal injuries. A small clip shows using computer graphics.

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