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Deadly games in the horror film “the Midnight man” (TRAILER)

Lose, you die!

Comrade Podolsky complained the other day that, well, the domestic trailer for horror film “Envelope” appeared on foreign resources earlier than on the Russian. Really curious situation. However, sometimes Vice versa. For example, the horror movie “the Midnight man” (The Midnight Man) overseas resources together overlook, even though this movie starred two icons of the genre – Robert Englund and Lin shaye. And here we have “Midnight man” on December 14, goes to rent, in connection with which there is the second Russian movie trailer.

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Alex is a typical teenage girl, who lives with his ailing grandmother Anna. In the analysis of the attic, Alex finds a game that can Wake up the “Midnight man” — an evil creature that will make you come true the worst nightmare.

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