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“Deadly awakening” in the bathroom (VIDEO)

In our sweaty paws got an excerpt from the movie “death awakening”, and the scene which is shown here, seem to have collected all the most terrible that can happen to you during water treatment.

Okay, I was thinking, so you can, for example, shaving the genitals, and at that moment someone comes in, you will be scared and will cut their veins, screaming, gurgling, rubber duck swims in blood… Okay, in the bathroom, anything can happen. But if you are one of those who really scare of such a thing as a sleepy stupor, this video and in General this movie is for you.

The plot revolves around a young woman who learns that an ancient evil is stalking the people suffering from “sleep paralysis”. She herself finds the same horrifying entity…

Starring Jocelyn Donahue (the horror film “Insidious 2”). Director Phillip Guzman (crime Thriller 2:22).

“Deadly awakening” will be released in the theatrical release in USA on may 12 of this year. And you, please, lock the bathroom door. Well, just in case.

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