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Dead people some time remain in the mind – scientists

Умершие люди некоторое время остаются в сознании - ученыеAfter the cessation of the heart, the brain still perceives the world.

Researchers from new York found that the people who doctors have pronounced him dead, some time are in mind. According to scientists, the dead are aware of their condition, but fully experiencing the world around them.

The researchers, together with Professor Sam Parnia I have studied dying people and interviewed survivors of clinical death. Then they analyzed the results and made conclusions.

Scientists said that after the cessation of the heart the human brain continues to be active. Accordingly, the deceased realizes his condition. One feels that the body does not respond to anything.

Dead hears and sees the present, but can not show them. Patients who have experienced clinical death, said that can recount that was said by the nurses while they were dying.

Scientists attribute this to the fact that the brain dies more slowly than the heart. Therefore, the state called doctors of death – that is only its initial stage.

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