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Dead George Romero

This day – July 16, 2017 – now forever be displayed in black in the calendar of any horror fan. In this day, on 78 year of life has died the master of horror, the father of the zombie sub-genre Director, writer and producer George Romero (George A. Romero).

Romero died in her sleep. As it turned out, he had lung cancer, and Director for a long time led the fight against disease, but, like many before him, he lost this battle.

On the death of Romero told his partner, producer Peter Grunwald (Peter Grunwald). Soon this information was confirmed to the media and relatives of the deceased.

Movies Romero may seem to modern audiences, especially the younger generation, is quite boring and even ridiculous. However, the Director has left an indelible mark in the history of the genre, and all modern zombie films grew out of his work.

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In 1968 Romero for 114 thousand dollars was in black and white film “night of the living dead”. The picture where the zombies were first presented as hordes of flesh eating dead, was a huge success, but the Director was not able to fully reap the benefits of this success. Because of an error in registration of copyrights Romero lost millions of dollars.

He continued to shoot (mainly working with “independent” film studios) and in subsequent years has released several films on the same subject: “dawn of the dead” (1978), “Day of the dead” (1985) – these films, together with “Night…” classic trilogy about zombies, “the land of the dead” (2005), “diary of the dead” (2007), “survival of the dead” (2009). In the last months before his death, was actively working on a new painting, “path of the dead”, to directing which, however, he is not going, replaced in the Director’s chair long-time ally and assistant Matt Birman.

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In addition, Romero was working on a comic book about zombies, and games about zombies, books about zombies. However, it would be unfair to assume that besides this topic he is more than anything decent in a genre not noted. He directed the classic horror movie “the Crazies” (1973), “Kaleidoscope of horrors” (1982), “the Dark half” (1993) and several others, was the producer of the series “tales from the dark side.”

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