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“Dead ant” in frames with Screamfest

On horror Comedy about giant ants a colleague of Pavlov noticed a couple of weeks ago, and since then the movie’s not out of our sight. “Dead ant” (Dead Ant) is involved in the festival Screamfest Horror Film Festivalthat will be held this year from 10 to 19 October in Hollywood. In this connection, in the Network pop up new frames.

Director and writer Ron Carlson any special achievements while not remarkable, but the movie is very steep castes by the standards of indie movie of such caliber, and Sean Astin (“Lord of the rings”), Tom Arnold (“True lies”), and Leisha Haley (“the l word”) and Jake busey (“starship troopers”), and Michael horse (“twin Peaks”).

Recall synopsis:

Hoping to return to the top of the charts, the group had a hit called Sonic Grave is sent to the Coachella festival. In the national Park Joshua tree rockers decide to stop and you’re tripping hallucinogenic cacti, but what happens then, will go far beyond a little harmless narrative.

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