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De-dollarization for personal purposes

Дедолларизация в личных целях

The private interests of the fat cats today have openly declared national

Major political and economic topic for several weeks, remains the so-called de-dollarization. Officials and heads of state corporations, to talk about her, mean the rejection of foreign economic calculations in dollars — especially with the republics of the former Soviet Union, EU countries and China.
Show more… Optimistic forecasts of experts assume that the Euro and the yuan could replace up to 70% of currency of Russia for foreign trade. No one except the most desperate of Glazjeva, argues that the dollar will be abandoned altogether.

A noticeable part of the citizens aware of the hoopla in the spirit that the dollar circulation in Russia if to prohibit altogether or at least limit it. Officials repeatedly deny a similar sense of de-dollarization, but the Russians in these matters are not up to snuff. If many years a universal solution to all problems was the ban, then how else to understand the current rumors that the boss wants to take revenge on the dollar?

Propaganda, which daily reports about the impending collapse of the us currency, only exacerbates the situation. During September, with foreign currency accounts of the savings Bank withdrawn amount, which is estimated at 130 billion rubles. To de-dollarization which has not yet been released, citizens continue to move honestly earned. A few weeks ago, we already fixed this trend: in the battle of the TV with a mattress, under which are American money in Russia objectively wins the mattress.

However, the issues raised by the de-dollarization, much more serious.

The dollar is used for trade transactions not because of the machinations of the state Department, for purely economic reasons: it is a reliable currency that is trusted by both parties to the transaction anywhere in the world. Accordingly, the de-dollarization — this is another Russian game against the market. Domestic theorists of abandoning the dollar realize that without the us currency to trade will be uncomfortable, but I urge patriots to once again tighten their belts. Motivation is also not new:

I hate to have to strengthen national sovereignty, and to exact revenge on Trump and his congressmen.

The only problem is that even at the start of de-dollarization, it is clear that this process has a very specific beneficiaries. It is the citizens who were already under personal and sectoral sanctions by the United States. Their business is now in desperate need of independence from dollar payments. A typical representative of this social group is the head of VTB Andrey Kostin, part-time key public speaker on the subject of the Russian rejection of the dollar.

Criticism of modern financial systems is not the first decade of the reason that the rescue of big banks during financial crises is based on the model of nationalizing losses while privatizing profits. In other words, while the money earned by the business, are sacred and inalienable property and are used, for example, premiums for top-managers, risks that this business generates is transferred to all taxpayers. Especially if the business is “too big to fail”, that is “is of national importance”.

For Russia, such a feeding the fat cats at the expense of the budget is also in order. But now we seem to be doing the following step. Big business now not just supported by the economy as a whole.

Now private interests are directly declared national,

and opportunities for the enrichment of individuals and companies — our “geopolitical priorities.”

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