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Daylight saving time: how to prepare the body

Переход на летнее время: как правильно подготовить организмIn the night from 25 to 26 March, Ukraine will switch to daylight saving time and move the clock forward one hour.

To “reconstructed” without any damage to the body, should pay particular attention to the ability to sleep.

More attention should be paid to sleep, — said the chief doctor of the health Center Otto rack. This is especially true of those who work in a particular temporary mode, because have to get up an hour earlier.

Training should not start on the eve of daylight savings time a week before. That is, we can already begin. For this is suspended for a “flip” clock. That is, in 21 hours to keep in mind that soon it will be 22 hours
— explained the expert.

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Basic tips from the doctor:

– go to bed every day 15 minutes earlier than the previous day;

– pay attention to the moment of falling asleep: ventilate the room before bedtime, to ensure silence and darkness, to turn off mobiles and other distracting devices;

– adhering temperature of 18-20 degrees Celsius;

– not to stimulate the body before bed: to exclude from the formal diet of strong tea, coffee, alcohol;

– densely to have supper not later than 2-3 hours before bedtime.

According to the doctor, most of the hour shift in time felt by people who have problems with blood pressure and heart disease – they need to be especially careful.

However, the Council to give the night rest at least 7-8 hours relevant to all, said Stojko.

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