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Day on Earth will last 25 hours

Сутки на Земле будут длиться 25 часовThe speed of rotation of the Earth is affected by earthquakes, solar Eclipse and global warming.

Assessing the duration of the day and all the solar eclipses for the last three thousand years, scientists have come to the conclusion that within a century the day lengthened by 2 milliseconds. But after 200 million years on the planet Earth will last 25 hours.

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The slowing rotation of the Earth, according to researchers, occurs under the influence of the moon and solar eclipses that inhibit the tides of the oceans of our planet. This was reported in the article of the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society.

An additional contribution is made by the global redistribution of mass, ongoing since the last ice age, including the melting of polar ice and sea level change.

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A certain influence on the rotation can have a complex, poorly understood electromagnetic interaction between the core and mantle of the planet, and earthquakes.

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