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David Lynch wants to come back in a big movie

For twelve years master of surrealism David Lynch shoots feature films. “Inland Empire” in 2006, which became for the moment the last picture of the cult Director, although he was warmly received by critics and fans worldwide, made badly, and then Lynch started to have problems with the financing of its other projects. In the end, until the new “twin peaks”, it seemed that the Director switched to short films and documentaries. However, it seems that all is not lost.

Edition Vulture reports that David Lynch is going to make a film based on one of the greatest unrealized scripts in Hollywood history. We are talking about the story entitled “Love in vain” (Love In Vain) in honor of the eponymous song by legendary bluesman Robert Leroy Johnson, who will be devoted to painting. The script was written by Alan Greenberg, known for his documentary Land of Look Behind, back in the 80s, but Studio bosses have not started its implementation. Nevertheless many have learned about this project, and “Love in vain” was the first Hollywood script, published in book form with a very large circulation. Bob Dylan and Keith Richards have been in awe of the history, Martin Scorsese wanted to bring it to the screen, but to no avail.

What interesting “Love in vain”? The life and career of Robert Leroy Johnson was short, bright and mysterious. In 1930 about him no one knew just some nineteen year old black guy who wanted to Laban Blues with friends, only could not learn to play. For some time Johnson was gone, and then appeared the following year, surprising all masterful handling of the guitar. The musician often joked and even sang that met the devil on the same crossroads and sold his soul in exchange for talent. In 1938, at the age of 27 he was killed under strange circumstances.

About Robert Leroy Johnson filmed several documentary films, and the plot with the sale of the soul used in the film “Crossroads”. However, before the village the case did not take David Lynch himself.

According to Vulture, the Director relies on the support of the studios, and wants to ask for help to your fans to estimate the number of whom he managed after the return of “twin peaks”. So, probably, soon will open a fundraiser for the creation of a biopic… Well, shut up and take my money!

Robert Leroy Johnson

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