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David Fincher will be out on the hunt for maniacs Friday the 13th

What happens if you mix the Thriller “silence of the lambs,” the late (alas!) Jonathan Demme and “zodiac” (fortunately, alive and healthy), David Fincher? Maybe the TV series “Hunter mind” (Mindhunter)!

On this project we wrote about in March and even then was pretty intrigued. You know, when the phrase “David Fincher” and “serial killers” are next to each other is always intriguing. Because… because “Seven”! And in General Fincher has achieved outstanding success in the genre of Thriller (“Game”, “zodiac”, “the Disappeared”). Besides, we remember that Fincher was behind the cult TV series “house of cards”, and in the case of “Hunter mind” Director once again work with Netflix now on the topic of maniacs.

Stream giant announced that the series premiere will be held in the iconic date – Friday 13 October 2017. In the basis of the documentary book “Mind Hunter: Inside FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit,” authored by Mark Olshaker and John Douglas. The action of the series begins in 1979 and twists around two FBI agents who interviewed incarcerated serial killers in order to try to reveal current Affairs.

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