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David Fincher and Tim Miller are preparing a serious cartoon anthology for Netflix

Streaming giant Netflix will soon delight the audience with another interesting project. Talking about animated anthology called “Love, death and robots” (Love, Death & Robots), which will consist of 18 short cartoons in various genres – from fantasy and Comedy to sci-Fi and horror.

Cox process such colleagues as David Fincher (“Fight club”, “Seven”) and Tim Miller (“Deadpool”, the new “Terminator”). The project involves Directors and studios from around the world, and the all-seeing eye stands above them Blur Studio, Miller. Not all the cards are revealed, but without representatives of Russia here is not exactly cost.

Despite the “cartoon”, the anthology is aimed at an adult audience. Each segment created in a unique animation style, duration is from 5 to 15 minutes. The total duration of 185 minutes. Plot details yet not so much, but the creators promise to show the world a reasonable dairy products, soldiers, werewolves, wild robots, weird monsters, cybernetic bounty hunters, alien spiders, and bloodthirsty demons from hell. Sounds tempting, isn’t it? And all this must be seasoned with black humor. In General, wrap.

On this occasion, Miller told reporters the following:

“Love, death and robots” is my dream project. It combines my love of animation and amazing stories. Midnight movies, comics, books and fantasy magazines have inspired me for decades, but it belonged to the border culture of geeks and nerds, of which I was. Now I’m fucking excited because the creative landscape has finally changed so that the animation on adult themes was part of a larger cultural dialogue.

Premiere date is not yet known, but we have a cool footage preview segment of the upcoming anthology. Enjoy!

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