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David Beckham tried to prove my devotion to his wife

Дэвид Бекхэм попытался доказать преданность своей супруге According to insiders, the family Beckham has long been not so smooth.

Although the last year has not stopped the rumours that Victoria Beckham and her husband David are on the brink of divorce,and the Christmas and New year they decided to celebrate together. Moreover, how did you learn informant newspaper “the Sun”, the couple decided to throw an impressive party.

Although earlier it was reported that the business as most of Victoria and David, has suffered over the past year, significant financial losses, the couple decided not to skimp on the celebration. According to reports, they spent on the preparations more than 10 thousand dollars. On the occasion, where the Beckhams have invited only their closest friends, will be around 20 people. A party will be held in the British spouses mansion, located in Costwolds.

In Costwolds Victoria with children arrived just before Christmas, to prepare for the celebration. Meanwhile, David came here literally on the eve of the holiday. And before that he was in America, where he lived for most of the year away from my family for doing their football club.

Moreover, in the Network there were pictures of Beckham, who just a few days before Christmas, partying till morning in a nightclub in the company of model Helena Christensen. David gave it to Helena, who posted on his page in the social Network photo, which Beckham a very relaxed and put his arms around her.

These pictures, of course, is not a joke angered Victoria. However, David still returned home for Christmas, managed to make amends by taking active part in the celebration. As he placed the photo on his page in the Network. David pictured himself solemnly cutting the traditional Turkey.

He shared a couple of shots, one of which he emblazoned with reindeer horns on his head. The photo turned out funny. However, as noted by fans of the Victoria, the horns would look more appropriate on the head of Mrs. Beckham, which, according to detractors, David is constantly changing.

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