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Daughter Olga Sumy admired for its beauty

Дочь Ольги Сумской восхитила своей красотойThe girl looks just like her mother.

Ukrainian actress Olga Sumska can boast not only a brilliant career in his native country, but also beautiful daughters who are like her as two drops of water. The other day the eldest daughter of the stars, Antonina papernaya, struck by the similarity with her mother, changing the hair color.

Aspiring actress Antonina papernaya, who is studying and living in Moscow, decided on a radical change in their appearance. Now the beautiful daughter of actress Olga Sumskaya became the spitting copy of my mother’s, repainted in blonde.

On his page on Instagram 27-year-old Antonina papernaya shared a new picture taken during a holiday in Miami. Girl radical was clarified by the hair, bringing their hue to the hair of Olga Sumskaya.

We will note, more recently, Antonina papernaya seriously into photography, because prefers not only to carry the weight of their indisputable beauty, but also to create a creative photo session for colleagues on show-to business. So, for example, during a creative experiment, the girl made a series of striking photographs for the Ukrainian musician Vitaly Kozlovsky.

Дочь Ольги Сумской восхитила своей красотой
Дочь Ольги Сумской восхитила своей красотой

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