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Daughter Nikita Mikhalkov takes the slasher?

Actually no. Well, or rather – very unlikely. Let us understand why.

We will try to analyze a project without regard to all sorts of family ties, which in itself – is not bad or good. Just understand that thanks to these connections (dad is film Director, husband of the Director, the dynasty and all that) to move any project, including horror and mysticism, much easier, than if Hope Mikhalkov was a girl “without kith or kin”.

So, what is known at this time? Actually – quite a lot, because about this film write a variety of media – from RIA of “news” to colleagues RussoRosso. 30-year-old Mikhalkov shooting a film script Presnyakov brothers-severe combined. Last once you got the script of “playing the victim”, the glorious first famous speech about the Russian players.

Starred in that movie, as you can see, sister Hope – Anna. Surprised, but Anna Mikhalkov starred in the movie of his sister. But that in itself is not bad, right? Brothers Presnyakov and Mihalikova are still the producers of the project, which is called “a Lost place”. The story claimed without interest:

Story about the Teens who one day find out urban legend. One of the places in the cinema is cursed, and everyone who has him sit down, then dies. What’s this “lost place”, nobody knows. The characters initially don’t believe in stories, but after a while two of the boys die after visiting the cinema.

For Mikhalkova this film – a debut in full metre. Before the girl took, um, “experimental” serial “Churros”, which – you will be surprised – shot of his sister Anne and her family. And Presnyakov brothers-severe combined, m de.

But all this in itself is not bad, though, right?..

Doing a movie with young actors (and not very young sister, Anna). Shooting will go in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and in the vicinity of St. Petersburg and will last until the end of July. According to that voiced at the time by none other than Fyodor Bondarchuk, the film’s budget is around 62 million, of which $ 25 million was requested from the Ministry of Culture. Data were presented in 2016, could since then to become obsolete – at least the name of the novel as a film producer now anywhere especially does not appear, and among the companies, working on “Lost place”, the company Bondarchuk’s Art Pictures Studio is not seen.

However, here are the numbers – the budget of 62 million – it is the bell. How much do you know big-budget slasher?.. Come on, how many of you know, in principle, the slasher of budgets, which at least could be called “NOT young”? Of course, by the standards of Russian cinema, 62 million rubles is not a lot of money, but cheap to produce such a movie will not be called. Well, okay, we’re not talking about 200-300 million in the end. As the example of “Queen of spades” and “Bride”, 60-70 million budget, the domestic horror movies are able to recoup and go into profit.

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But after the first bell followed by others. They are related to the positioning of the film by the Director.

In an interview, Mikhalkov says he’s doing “detective with elements of horror”. In another we are talking about just the “horror” and the third sounds the most “teen slasher”. It turns out that this is “a detective story with elements of horror”!

This genre is fairly new to the domestic film industry, our creative team aimed to conduct a dialogue with teenagers and young people on an equal footing, and not from the perspective of adults. Historically, the genre of the teen slasher horror with elements of mystery — popular among adolescents and young people 16-25 years, and today they are the most active theatrical audience. And yet between me and them formed the “age gap”, and we speak the same language, I want to do what they really interested in and what they don’t see the hypocrisy.

To begin with, perhaps, enlighten Hope, if she happen to glance on a site Area of Horror. For the Russian slasher movie genre is not new. This is the first. To your project, Hope, left at least three notable attempts “to remove Russian slasher”. It was a “lineman”, “S. S. D.” and “Dislike”. That is typical – all failed and was spat upon and criticized, and the audience.

This is the first. And secondly, the slasher is clearly not in Vogue, so far as not only here but also abroad, does not enjoy great popularity, go straight to DVD and VOD, bypassing theatrical rental. Of course, all can be, and good old-fashioned slasher can still go back to the peak of popularity as it once (in the days of “Scream” Wes Craven) has already occurred. But to be honest I doubt very much that the success of the slasher will return debutant Director Mikhalkov.

Because thirdly, the youth of the slasher genre is not “the role of a detective.” And that personally impresses me the most in our Russian filmmakers as they rush to remove something you do not understand. Slasher – a specific sub-genre of horror movie in which there is a clear and indisputable set of rules and laws. It’s funny, but none of the “Russian slasher” (as marketed films predecessors Hope), these unwritten laws are not respected — Probably because the creators of these movies, like Hope, is not very well know and understand the sub-genre, his artistic system, and aesthetics.

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The following is the synopsis of the film Mikhalkov is not very actually looks like a slasher. The slasher classic “Halloween”, “Friday the 13th”, “happy birthday to me.” More free attitude to the classics showed “a Nightmare on elm street”. About slasher is “Texas chainsaw massacre”. It is not difficult to find something common among all these movies. At least that in the center of each of them is a killer. Do we see something similar in the description of the “Lost places”?.. But we haven’t even mentioned the other laws of the subgenre. And will not, because the word take fellow writers Presnyakovy…

We came up with a “Lost place” as a love story that invades evil. The heroes of the film are too young to treat evil seriously. And adults too immersed in a parallel reality, and therefore not in time to help teenagers. As a result, our heroes are left alone with the uncontrollable force, which ruthlessly destroys their loved ones. The evil in this battle to the end did not open his nature, and our young heroes, once inside the horror, surprised to discover in themselves the qualities of a human soul which seemed to be an absolute fiction, – the ultimate romanticism, naivety, and total unselfishness, willingness to sacrifice. The question is how to dispose of these light sides of the soul, what to do with them in the world around us. Our heroes have no time to think, they must act, but the audience we think will be the time to reflect.

After this moving speech already does not want to talk about the horror, the slasher and other low matters. Love, romance – everything. True, and to watch this film already do-don’t want.

But maybe I’m wrong? Maybe I’m too strict? Tell us what YOU think about this?

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