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Daughter Dana Borisova asked the mother via Instagram

TV presenter Dana Borisova has not the best times. Recently it became known that a celebrity is undergoing rehabilitation from alcohol and drug addictions at a clinic in Thailand. About this program “Let them talk” told her mother Ekaterina Ivanovna.

Borisov denies addictions, but States that the mother initiated her treatment only in order to gain control over her granddaughter. “Mother, dragging me into the mud, does not understand that her suicide attempts she is in any case will not get Pauline — the court will not give her granddaughter. I’m glad my child is with your dad right now” she told reporters

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Hi mom! It Is Pauline. I’m sorry to write in your instagram, just for a few weeks I can’t talk to you (dad even asked his grandmother Kate and Let them Say that I was given to talk to you, I for you very pereriva where are you? Where grandma Kate with their press you to Delhi? They’re just all lying I don’t trust them. The other day I participated in the competition for singing and gave me a Cup with a diploma, I wanted to show you) Present all the time grandma Kate lives in our apartment, can’t get my stuff and books I don’t want to go there because there are reporters and cameras (thanks to my dad he bought me all new. My grandmother Katya has completely gone crazy she hide you+a disgrace to our family, with their journalists let them speak. She gave them all our numbers and now they are spying on us, because of them I can not stand to walk. And yesterday she brought these journalists to the school and made it a scandal. Dad told them to stop transmission, and my grandmother said that they never will end, I fear that I may be expelled from school. think to ask the Pope to Monday I didn’t go to school. I hope you will see my message and call me. whole while. from Polina

Publication of ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Dana Borisova (@danaborisova_official) May 13 2017 4:12 PDT

However, as it turned out, The daughter is also not eager to be close with her grandmother and dreams of returning mothers. Borisova in Instagram there was a post, allegedly written on behalf of Pauline: “On the day I participated in a competition in singing, and gave me a Cup with a letter, wanted to show you. Imagine all this time grandmother Kate lives in our apartment, and I can’t get my stuff and books. I don’t want to go there. Thanks to my dad, he bought me all things new” (Spelling and punctuation authors — approx. ed).

Publication of ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Dana Borisova (@danaborisova_official) May 13 2017 3:53 PDT

The girl admitted that she got tired of the whole thing and to public scrutiny. However, bloggers doubted that the author of the letter was made by Pauline, assuming that the text was written by Dana international. To convince otherwise subscribers could not even live where in the frame Polina also claims to have written the post itself and on its own initiative.

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