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Date announced the premiere of the new “Terminator”!

News on the film pouring in one after another! So, working on the sixth “Terminator” really is in full swing. Release information is confirmed. So he will return again in 2019.

It would seem that only this spring it was announced that Paramount buries “Terminator”, but there it was. Soon his claim was announced by the Studio Skydance Pictures, and most importantly, the case officially joined the father of the franchise, James Cameron.

The Director again officially appointed Tim Miller, the Director of the hit “Deadpool”. Of course, returns Arnold Schwarzenegger, and with it the canonical Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton.

In addition, it became known that the new film will ignore the events of Genesis. Moreover, in today’s interview to The Hollywood Reporter , James Cameron has confirmed his decision to follow the storyline exclusively own novels.

In other words, we are waiting for a “Terminator 3”, which we really deserved.

It will be a continuation of the story of “Terminator” and “Terminator 2”. We will pretend the rest of the movie was just a bad dream. Or unfolded in an alternate timeline of what’s acceptable in our multiverse.

Well, I feel a bit sorry that “salvation” remains overboard, I love this movie, but on the other hand, the fans had a little, so okay. And the third and fifths certainly let them burn with a blue flame!

And the flame that will Shine release date for the new “Terminator” — July 26, 2019.

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