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Dasha Swami expressed his opinion about the victory in the “Battle of psychics”

Swami Dashi is one of the most prominent participants show “Battle of psychics” do not doubt his fans and even opponents. Bloggers are predicting clairvoyant the victory on the transfer, but he does not share their confidence.


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Swami published a candid Instagram post, sharing their experiences and thoughts: “Today is about God. My God — it’s my job! This is an individual session, it is my seminars and workshops and, of course, it’s my meditation… Sometimes, especially now, I think: let them not win, let them pop and damage, but… I Have left the meditation! It is really so. Osho, you are my Master and I love you. And in this love I meet God, meet yourself, and watch as the highest, without names, is in me, cleansing, healing of all dirt and turbidity, and becomes good. It’s just good! I wish everyone to find him, his God, his meditation, serve, and cherish inside the Light from which we came and where are we going… Just visiting planet Earth” (Spelling and punctuation authors — approx. ed.).

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Fans supported Dashi, noting that he will win because he more than anyone else and deserve to win the project.

Recall that since the start of the new season in just a few editions of the show have already decided the leaders, among them was the most mysterious member of the project Swami Dashi. A psychic has already formed an army of fans. Many try to learn at least some information about the past Dasha, his family, and find out his real name.

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The psychic’s name is Pyotr Smirnov, the man from St Petersburg. In the past he was a vaulter. Reaching success in sports, Peter became interested in the study of Eastern and Western practices. Smirnov lived 20 years in India.

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