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Dasha Astafieva and Olga Gorbachev open up about their secrets

Даша Астафьева и Ольга Горбачева разоткровенничались о своих секретахIt became known, what’s the key to the attractiveness of the stars.

In the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”, which airs weekdays at 06:30 on the channel “Ukraine” with the leading Lily rebryk and Sergey Zenin, learned, really expensive things – the success of Ukrainian stars.

According to the singer Dasha Astafyeva, most important is the taste and sense of comfort, because expensive things can be disgusting.

“Expensive – it is expensive. The main thing – to have a taste. Confirmation of this can be seen in how many wealthy, successful and famous people or something vulgar and inappropriate dress, or inappropriate behave” – says Dasha Astafieva.

Singer Olga Gorbachev believes that “the beautiful is what makes us all that we do with pleasure. Not important: this is a mask of cucumber or snake poison.”

Holds this opinion and TV presenter Dasha Malakhova. She is sure that first of all to draw attention to your natural beauty, and then things. “The more we pay attention to something dear, the more we depreciate ourselves. We understand that value is not in us, but in the bag “Prada”, not in our natural beauty, and the cream extract of caviar”, – said Dasha Malakhova.

At the same time, psychologists argue that living cheap and beautiful is not always useful. Suffer from this can not only women but also their men who do not have resources to buy expensive gifts for women.

“Most women, especially in marital status, living by the principle “need” not “want” because they think that the word “want” has no money. And I think that requires an internal solution,” – says Olga Gorbachev.

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