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Darkwood: From crowdfunding to torrents

A long way through the dark forest…

Sometimes torrents can be useful for game developers. At least the fact that if the Studio willingly she puts their offspring in a free access is the reason for the media to draw attention to their product. Here and colleagues with RR, for example, drew on this project. Do not stay aside and we, moreover, that the game Darkwood is generally interesting history of the birth.

In March 2013, three Polish programmers (and dog) founded the Studio , Acid Wizard Studio in order to create an old school survival horror. In the same year, crowdfunding service Indiegogo, they were able to gather for your project, more than 57 thousand dollars. In July 2014 the game hit Steam Early Access, then the developers spent another three years, “dopilivat” their offspring in accordance with the wishes and suggestions of fans.

Finally, in July 2017, came here this live-action trailer, which was marked by official release date, 17 August 2017.

And later Acid Wizard Studio Darkwood downloaded on the popular BitTorrent tracker PirateBay, simultaneously issuing the following statement:

If you have no money and you want to play DRM-free version of our game, you can download it on PirateBay. However, we have one request, if you like Darkwood or do you want to continue to create games, then think about buying it at least is on sale on Steam, GOG or Humble Store. But, please, don’t buy it through the site for the resale of keys. By doing this you are feeding the cancer industry.

On Steam the game has a very good rating above 90% on the basis of over 1100 reviews.

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