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“Dark Phoenix”, “Gambit”, “Alita”: Fox reshapes release schedule.

To release the first poster of the film, write on it the date and this date change – Yes, it happens sometimes.

20th Century Fox reports about changes in the schedule of future releases. The Studio one project and is Podvis. So grab a piece of paper and pen, will write.

“Alita: Battle angel” by Robert Rodriguez will be released in December this year as planned. New premiere date: February 14, 2019, for the Chinese New year. Indeed, today the Chinese market is power.

The film is set 300 years after the great war, the XXVI century. Dr. IDO finds the remains of a female cyborg. After repairing the cyborg does not remember anything, but discovers that it is able to use the techniques of combat cyborgs. Begin searching for lost memories.

Release date (December 21, 2018) according to the publication Deadline is PG-13 version of the second “Deadpool”. Less violence, no Mat, but talkative mercenary, and so can give heat. And certainly the fact that censorship will somehow beat.

Let’s move on. Earlier Valentines Day was slated for release kinokomiksa “X-Men: the Dark Phoenix” from Simon Kinberg. Now Sophie Turner and the company will reach the audience only 7 of June 2019.

Generally exename the “Fox” in the last time something goes wrong. Originally “Dark Phoenix” was supposed to come out in November of this year, and the epic migrations of the “New mutants” and not want to remember. But there is also a “Gambit”! That’s really really long project. Rumor has it that it can cancel (after the departure of Gore Verbinski a new Director was never found), but is simply re-moved the premiere date: 7 June 2019 on March 13, 2020.

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