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Dark matter is distributed more evenly – scientists

Темная материя распределена более равномерно, - ученыеDark matter in space is distributed unevenly, which casts doubt on the theory about the density of the substance.

The scientific staff of the European southern Observatory-based observations of space have found that dark matter that fills the Universe isn’t as tight as they previously believed.

About his discovery, astronomers said on its website.

According to them, dark energy not only isn’t as tight as they thought, but is distributed through space more thin, even layer. Scientists using a telescope VST has studied five areas of the celestial sphere. The total area of this territory was two times the size of the full moon. This site were at least 15 million of galaxies of different sizes.

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Eventually, researchers realized that the cosmic web of dark matter distorts the whole transmitted light. However, the thickness of these threads is much less than expected. This discovery will allow us to calculate the thickness of this web and review the views on the nature of dark matter in space and on evolutionary processes in many galaxies of the Universe.

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