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“Dark justice League” recruited another screenwriter

Paradoxically, “Dark Justice League” (Justice League Dark) – the potential of one of the most interesting kinokamera – is still without a Director. Initially it was planned that the film will put Guillermo del Toro – did not grow together. Then attached to the project by Doug Liman (edge of tomorrow) suddenly made a choice in favor of the Director’s chair “Gait chaos” and freed workspace. Leapfrog was with the script: he wrote alone, finishing second and rewritten third; in addition the creators of the original comic as “the League” sounded the names of such authors as Michael Gilio and John Spaits. But the current script is still not satisfied the authorities.

For the final polishing of the script Warner Bros. and DC hired of Gerard Johnstone, whose presentation impressed the Studio bosses. In fact, he was aiming for the post of Director, but apparently too early, while his only full-length account of the horror Comedy “housebound” aka “Nightmares” (Housebound). However, the film was met very well, and it also played a role in that of Johnstone drew attention. Now he has to bring to mind a more complex project.

The movie really did not know. It is assumed that in the movie Dark justice League will be John Constantine, Deadman, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, the sorceress and the demon Etrigan. In the comics, of course, there were more people, a posse of “supernatural” superheroes have been periodically updated, so you can wait for any surprises.

While Johnstone will be finished the script, WB and DC are hoping to decide with the Director. One of the main candidates for this post is called Andres, Moscetti, but it now seems very doubtful that in the near future he will be able to do anything but the second part “It”. After all the waves of hype it is difficult to imagine without the red ball in hand. Will wait for a “League” while the big Losers will deal with Pennywise?..

In General, all not thank God for TLS, although the positive movement is still there. And what of all this will grow – time will tell.

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