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Dark beauty for the Dark tower: katheryn Winnick (PHOTO)

Oh, how much copies have been broken, how many backsides burnt (smoke still stands!) about casting Idris Elba in the main role in the movie “the Dark tower” (Dark Tower). And somehow completely without attention there are other actors involved – with the exception of Matthew McConaughey, perhaps. Meanwhile, the film is one to watch and in addition a sweet couple “shooter / the man in black”. Take Kathryn Winnick (Katheryn Winnick).

A canadian actress of Ukrainian (Yes) origin plays in “the Dark tower” Lori chambers , the mother of Jake chambers, a lady of rather loose morals, firmly hooked on the antidepressant valium. It’s funny, but this lady is in the books, two names, know her as “Megan chambers”. It is not known, but it is assumed that Stephen king once just made a mistake 🙂

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Katheryn Winnick was born on 17 December 1977, that is, she is now 39 years old, but few would say that the girl look his age. Before achieving fame in movies and on television, played sports (silver medal at Taekwondo Canada) and is a qualified professional bodyguard. A career as an actress began in television series (“Law and order”, “Psi-factor”). First role in a feature film – fiction horror “biohazardous” (2001).

In the filmography of Katherine actually quite a lot of genre films and television shows. For example, in 2003, she starred in the eighth part of “Hellraiser”. And in 2004, played a small but memorable role in the independent horror-Comedy “Satan’s little Helper”:

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In the Russian hire “the Dark tower” will be released on July 27, 2017. But unfading beauty Catherine we can enjoy now: the actress starred in the stylish black-and-white photo shoot for fashion magazine “Spirit and Flesh” – “Spirit and flesh”, that is to say, in Russian. Well, a very symbolic name. And more than spectacular shots.

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