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Dark and cruel “Drifter” goes to the audience (TRAILER)

The debut picture of Craig Kalamies at the time he was warmly accepted by film festivals and collected several awards, and then disappeared from sight, not finding a renter. Fortunately, the distribution company under the telling title Terror Films have recently joined the game and is looking to bring this independent Thriller to a wide audience.

Called the film “the Drifter” (The Drifter), and we have already gotten its first official trailer and poster, and even three pieces of tape.

Well, in the meantime, read the synopsis:

This story tells about a man, who haunt dark and distant memory. Long days and nights he spends driving, aimlessly winding miles on the highway. The hero finally stops in a small town, where he unexpectedly meets up with an old acquaintance, and he seems to be curious so that you will not stop until they dig up all the skeletons, buried in the past of the Drifter.

The film was made in 2014 and presented to the public in 2015 at the Queens World Film Festival in new York, where he took the audience award and was nominated for the Jury prize in the categories “Best film” and “Best Director”. Then criticism the Atlanta Horror Film Festival included “Driver” in private “Top independent horror films of 2015”. And besides, the tape was nominated for the award for best special effects at the festival Scare-A-Con.

The main role in the film was played by Christopher Lee Gibson and Bruce Jarman. Together they can be seen, for example, in a piece called “You sat on my favorite place” (You’re In My Favorite Seat), which is presented below. Purely a conversational scene, but it is possible to notice the similarities with Gibson’s and Casey Affleck (well, aging or after chemotherapy), and this is quite unexpected since in the other video the actor looks quite different — an impressive, gloomy, even somewhat frightening. Be sure to check out the clip “Listen to me, you little shit” (Listen to me, you little s**t) and the latter, where the Drifter took the shovel and “took care of something” Taking Care Of Something. Not that some magical moments, but the tension is felt, and I would like to think that this will be the whole movie. Dark and tense.

So, since June 6, “the Drifter” will be distributed digitally on various platforms like iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play and many others.

PS. Oh yeah, there’s another new poster published, but he is not. There are better.

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