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Dario Argento’s two new projects

Horror Maestro from Italy, living classic of the genre Director, screenwriter and producer Dario Argento haven’t pleased the fans… In principle, it is possible to put a point, because the last Argento films such as “Dracula 3D” (2012) – was, to put it mildly, “not very”. Actually, after “Dracula 3D,” is he nothing more and not been removed.

Now Dario is already 76 years old, and his reputation somewhat tarnished, but in the best years he filmed and reproducibil so many films that have become classics of the genre that he can forgive the many failures of recent times. And any news about some possible new work Argento continue to be of interest.

So, get ready: the Maestro of terror plans in the foreseeable future to give us new films!

During a photo shoot for photographer Franco Bellomo in SpazioCima Gallery in Rome, Argento said that his ideas have a couple of projects:

I have a project, even two. Let’s see where we start. Of course it is a horror, as always. But at the same time it will be something new.

No details about these projects has not been announced, but I think that when (and if) it will move from the dead point, the details will not wait.

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