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Daredevil saved the bus from falling from a great height

Смельчак спас автобус от падения с огромной высотыConfident actions of the passengers saved a few lives, who were in the bus.

Only the quick actions of one of the passengers managed to prevent the fall into the abyss full of tourist bus in the Austrian Alps after the vehicle driver lost consciousness while driving.

The incident occurred on September 23. The passenger was one of 22 French tourists in the bus, which was traveling on a mountain road near the town Schwaz in the West of Austria.

76-year-old driver suddenly lost consciousness and fell from behind the wheel. The bus knocked down a tree, crashed into a restrictive bar and began to fall to the side of the ravine with a depth of about hundreds of meters, when sitting in the front seat of a 65-year-old tourist ran to the driver’s seat and at the last moment he managed to press on the brake.

According to police, the bus was on the brink of disaster. Nine tourists have been following the incident were hospitalized.

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