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Daredevil and all-all-all in the first trailer for “Defenders”

After the trailer for “the Dark tower” catch another one from the category of expected. Of course, the level of expectations a little different, after all, the army of fans of Stephen king dreamed about the film adaptation of the iconic “Tower” for decades, and the release of the film, anyway, Event with a capital letter. But not Rowland one live audience interests. There are other worlds besides this one.

Jointly produced by Marvel and Netflix has proven itself to be extremely positive. We’ve watched a few superhero shows from this Duo, and we have to admit, they were very good. And sufficiently dark to not look in the “Zone of Horror” outsiders. In summer, this line is coming replenishment. If you haven’t guessed, the question of “Counsel” (The Defenders). Not to be confused with the other “Defenders”, with the domestic registration, which you can say is that in a humorous context. Forget the Man-bear, there are normal superheroes. First, each of them received a solo show, and now came to unite all the titular characters together. Daredevil (played by Charlie Cox), Jessica Jones’s (Kristen Ritter), Luke cage (Mike colter) and Iron fist (Finn Jones) the challenge of crime in new York. Besides them we will see other popular characters, as well as beginners, among which and the main antagonist of the season performed by Sigourney weaver. In short, this should be interesting.

Premiere of “the Defenders” will be held on August 18. In the first season will be eight episodes.

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