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Daphne and Velma are investigating a case of zombies in the feature prequel “Scooby-Doo”

While the famous and ever-hungry dog Scooby-Doo is preparing for a long-awaited meeting with the brothers Winchester, the Studio with the speaker called Blondie Girl Productions is going to tell the audience the background to “Mystery”. A prequel called “Daphne and Velma” (“Daphne & Velma”) narrates the introduction and the first two girlfriends from the animated series.

In mood and execution, the film Susie Yunessi, of course, will be close to a typical children’s Comedy about high school with all the attendant clichés, silly jokes and plenty of bright colors. However, here stated some no zombies, and this memory cannot be ignore!

Young detectives have become best friends, but only online-Dating – while Daphne is not converted to a school by Velma, “ridge valley”, full of high-tech gadgets, donated by a millionaire Tobias bloom. And while their classmates try to get an internship for the wealthy, girlfriends starts investigating about the disappearance of the smartest students at the school – which is then returned in the zombie state!

The main role went to Sarah Jeffrey (the x-files) and Sarah Gilman (“Last man”). The fact that the plot of the story, you can easily predict its ending, talking about children-only orientation of the tape. In any case, if the adventures of Daphne and Velma wondering, they can be viewed on DVD, Blu-ray and digital copy on may 22, 2018.

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